Is This Martial Art Style Right For Me?

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When you first choose to train in martial arts, you have a lot of decisions to make, beginning with which style to study. There are hundreds of forms from all over the world, so narrowing your options may seem intimidating. Here are some tips for limiting your search parameters and ultimately deciding whether a certain form suits you:

Find dojos in your area
How far are you willing to go (literally) to train in martial arts? Find dojos that are within your area and see what styles they teach. For instance, if the nearest karate school is more than a one-hour drive, you may not want to learn that style, and instead pick a form you can learn closer to home.

Compile a list of the dojos near you and use it as you learn more about the styles of martial arts you could study. CONTINUE READING

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Trigger Mortis: a preview

The Spy Command

Trigger Mortis cover Trigger Mortis cover

By Brad Frank, Guest Writer
Trigger Mortis, by Anthony Horowitz, the newest James Bond continuation novel, comes out Sept. 8. This one is unique because it’s based on an original story outline by Ian Fleming, and brings back one of his most famous characters.

Fleming had always been interested in seeing James Bond on the screen, and throughout the 1950s he considered various deals for the film and/or television rights. A live TV adaptation of his first novel, Casino Royale, aired on CBS in 1954.

In 1956, Fleming was commissioned to create a TV series called “Commander Jamaica.” It was never produced, so he changed the main character’s name and other details, and used it as the basis for his 1958 novel Doctor No.

Another network proposed a James Bond TV series, and Fleming wrote a handful of episode outlines. When that project fell through, he adapted…

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2015: a great time to be a spy fan

The Spy Command

“Sorry Spy Commander, suck it up. Some of us have bigger fish to fry!”

It has been an embarrassment of riches for the Spy Commander these days.

“Mr. Warner” keeps putting out more promos for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie that the Spy Commander can keep up with. A new SPECTRE trailer is out, demonstrating the 24th James Bond movie will attempt to combine Daniel Craig style with “classic” Bond elements. Oh, yeah. A new Mission: Impossible movie is coming out next week.

On top of that, the Spy Commander has had an unexpected opportunity to delve into 007’s cinema past, thanks to copies of scripts from Bond collector Gary J. Firuta. (Bond and Scaramanga calling each other “punk”? PROSPECTIVE BUYER instead of J.W. Pepper?)

Occasionally, there’s the bitter with the sweet. This blog has never been “Rah! Rah!” Some readers don’t like that. Then again, if you send posts…

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